That technology is the protagonist of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday it is a reality. It is not surprising, since in both days of massive discounts we can find offers on all devices techie and some of such magnitudes as smartphone P40 Pro, from Huawei, which for this campaign is discounted so that we save 400 euros on your purchase. Other big discounts that drive technology lovers crazy can be found in sound bars (like this one from Samsung with a discount of 250 euros in Mediamarkt), and in devices that allow us to enjoy the benefits of virtual assistants (and Amazon’s that understands a lot).

But if there are some products that attract the attention of techies and not so much, are the smartwatches, some wearables that have conquered a large part of the users for its good benefits. There are those intended for the sports field, capable of guiding you in unknown territory with their GPS and recording the data of all the series, but there are also those that measure our sleep quality and our daily steps, characteristics that are suitable for all types of people. Aware of the taste for these devices, on Mielectro, within its Black Friday campaign, they have lowered a selection of smartwatches Among which we find brands such as Garmin, Samsung, Xiaomi or Fitbit. Of these, we have been struck by the great reduction to which it is subject the Fenix ​​5 Plus 010 model, from Garmin, which can now be yours for 360 euros less.

Fenix ​​5 Plus 010, by Garmin.

Signed by one of the great sports technology brands, this Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus watch is capable of capturing all the metrics you need to improve your performance during your workouts and monitor your progress day after day, while allowing you to use your GPS in full color. A basic feature to which the Garmin Pay function is added, thanks to its good connection bluetooth, with music, maps, oxygen saturation measurement and, in addition, the access to smart notifications from your smartphone.

And if you are looking for something cheaper …

Not everyone is willing, no matter how big the discount, to spend more than 300 euros on a smartwatch, since they settle for classic and effective benefits that do not affect the final price so much. And this Samsung model is perfect for them: for 159 euros it offers us the basic services expected from a smart watch, from the realization of the daily activity reports to the management of the notifications of our smartphone.

The Galaxy Watch, from Samsung.
The Galaxy Watch, from Samsung.
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