A few weeks ago Samsung announced that their phones would have a function that we had already seen in iOS but that until now we could not enjoy on Android, such as the possibility of finding a lost device without it having an Internet connection. And is that currently all Android phones can be located on a map as long as you have the application “Find my device” from Google or the phone manufacturer and that it also continues to have an Internet connection, otherwise you can only see the last available location.

Samsung had already been testing this feature with some users in different countries around the world so that they could find their lost phone, even if they didn’t have an internet connection, although the phone must be turned on. This option is being rolled out to more people through the application “Find My Mobile”Available in the Galaxy Store, although it is also available through the option SmartThings Find.

How to activate this option?

It is likely that with the Find My Mobile update you will receive a notification asking if you want to turn on the option to find the device offline, but if you do not have it and you want to see if you can enjoy this feature, you can do the following:

  • First make sure you have a Samsung device with Android 10 installed.
  • Open SmartThings on your phone, you can do it by sliding your finger down, and just below the shortcuts the option “Devices” appears, now click on the SmartThings icon, which is that kind of flower with little circles.

  • Select SmartThings Find and then click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right and go to “Settings”.
  • Finally, select the option “Allow devices to be found”
  • Select your phone and activate the option “Search offline”.

From this moment on, you will be able to find your phone if it is lost and it runs out of Internet connection. Samsung will use other brand devices to find it and tell you where it is, so there will likely always be a user with a Samsung phone near your device, although this device must also have this feature enabled, so it will probably carry something time for all devices of the firm to enjoy this feature.