During the last weeks we have been reviewing all the advantages that the Xbox Series X y Series S to users, and although both consoles are aimed at two different audiences, there are some things they share, such as the possibility of playing up to 120 fps and also the possibility of playing with automatic HDR even though the games were not developed with this technology.

In the case of 120 fps, this will depend on whether our screen or monitor has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, something that is not very common either, since most televisions only reach a refresh rate of 60 Hz, so You will have the possibility to play at 60 fps, which is already a fluid speed and which is not common on consoles, at least not until this new generation.

With HDR something similar happens, that is, the fact that the Series X and Series S offer HDR means that you can enjoy this technology with more vivid colors, better contrasts and details in the image, but for this your television or monitor must also offer HDR support, otherwise it will be something anecdotal for you.

How to activate HDR on Xbox Series X / S?

The first thing you should do to enjoy this technology is to activate HDR on your console, normally Xbox makes the adjustment automatically based on whether or not your television supports HDR, but if you change the screen or want to be sure that HDR is active you must do the following:

  • Turn on the console and go to the settings, you can find it in the last tab of the guide, right where your avatar appears.
  • Look for the option that says TV & Display Options.
  • Now look for the option “Video modes” and select the “Allow HDR” box.
  • If you have a monitor or television compatible with Dolby Vision you can also activate this function in the same menu.

Once HDR is activated on the console you must do the same on your television, so you will have to go to the settings of your screen and go to the image and video settings. In the case of Samsung televisions, this option can normally be activated from the HDMI UHD Color option, and you will only have to activate this option on the HDMI port where the console is connected.

In the case of manufacturers like LG, you will find the option as HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color, while in Sony models this option is usually found in the option “HDM signal format” and then in “Enhanced format”.

If you have a screen with ROKU TV, the option is found in “TV image settings” and then in “HDR notification”.

Once the HDR is configured on both your console and your television, you will be able to enjoy this image technology in the games available for the new generation.