If you want to know how to download audios from Facebook Messenger, in this article we show you how to do it quickly and without complications.

Instant messaging applications are constantly updated to meet the needs of users, adding new resources that serve to communicate in the clearest way possible.

Although these types of platforms were limited only to text a few years ago, the reality is that we can already use other elements so that our message has a different tone or interpretation.

For a long time Facebook Messenger allows users to send audio messages, but if you want to download one in particular, here we show you how.

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How to download audios from Facebook Messenger with the help of Opera Mini

For download audios from Facebook Messenger, could you lean on Opera Mini, a micro-browser for mobile devices created by Opera Software.

At first, this navigation platform was created for phones with low memory and processing capacity, but it already works on most smartphones, so you could use it to download your voice messages.

Go to the Play Store and install the browser through this link. Once it’s ready, open the app on your smartphone and select Facebook.

Log in to your profile and then select “Messages”:

When you have selected this option, you will see all your conversations. Choose the chat you want to download an audio from.

When you have found it, you will notice that it appears as a file; leave it pressed and select «download»:

The audio will automatically download in mp4 format, so you can send it on multiple platforms. When the upload is complete, it will be saved in your default folder.

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As you will see, it is a very simple process. If this tutorial helped you, share it with your loved ones.