In this short article, we show you how to download Among Us for PC without any complications.

These last few months, particularly complicated, have unleashed the monotony and the unearthing of games that had been forgotten.

Such is the example of Among Us, a title that although it has been in existence for two years, began to gain great relevance and popularity due to its peculiar dynamics.

What is Among Us about?

Before anything else, let’s explain what this game is about. Among Us It is a role title in which we observe an impostor and other crew members of a ship.

The impostor aims to take down a certain number of players without being discovered. He wins when he kills everyone or when the crew cannot arrange a sabotage.

The crew must find the impostor that is hidden among the players participating in the session.

To achieve this, you have to perform a series of maintenance tasks on the ship and, eventually, point out who we assume is the impostor to throw it out.

It is played by 4 to 10 people in a way online, but it is more enjoyable if everyone is in the same location to boost adrenaline and analyze each other’s movements in person.

The interesting thing about Among Us is that it has shown that it is not necessary to have impressive graphics to have an attractive game.

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Fortunately, this game is available in Android and iOS completely free, so excuses to play it from your smartphone or tablet should not exist.

However, it is also possible to enjoy this video game through PC and it is very easy to obtain it.

How to download Among Us for PC without tricks and legally

Many versions circulate on the Internet that claim to be free and official, but it is important not to fall into the trap.

There are different ways to download it. The first option is through Steam, the virtual video game store for PC.

Its price is approximately 60 Mexican pesos. You just have to click on “Add to cart” and proceed with the purchase.

After doing so, you can now download and play it from the official application of this gaming platform.

If you don’t have an account in Steam, or you prefer to do it another way, then you could download Among Us directly from the official website and once inside, click on the button that says “Buy Now” that appears in red.

This version is priced at $ 5, but in addition to the game, you can buy all the hats of Among Us.

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