Few things are more annoying on the road than a foggy glass. When the windshield fills up with mist visibility behind the wheel decreases and, therefore, so does safety. And what is worse about this situation is that, in the end, finding the right trick to regain the transparency of the glass also implies compromising the attention we pay to the road when trying to clean the windows.

But nevertheless, The solution to quickly demisting your car windows is much simpler (and safer) than it seems. The protagonist is the vehicle’s climate control, which, helped with a couple of extra tricks, will get the glass spotless in a matter of seconds.

Why you should prepare the windows of your car now that the rains are approaching

The majority of entities related to the automotive world, such as Mapfre, Carglass or the RACC agree on the most infallible method to demist the glass: turn on the air conditioning and direct it towards the window or windshield. It is best to use the hot air, but the cold will also remove the mist (although it will cost a bit more).

To enhance the effect of the climate control, it is best to combine it with the air conditioning, since it is prepared to eliminate humidity from the cabin which is, together with the difference in temperature, what causes the mist.

What you must not do

To finish completing the process, or even prevent fogging, the windows can be slightly opened, to neutralize the temperature difference. It is also advisable to turn on the rear window heated window and always keep the windows very clean.

On the other hand, what you never have to do is rub the glass with your hand or with a cloth. First, because this gesture could distract us too much from driving and forces us to separate one hand from the steering wheel. And second, because it is counterproductive: dirt from the glass and from your hands will spread over the surface, further blurring it.