Sharing the Wifi password can be an ordeal for many users, especially if you follow the security recommendations of the experts where it is requested that the generic password not be used, that it be changed periodically, and that it also be a unique password and safe to include special characters.

The problem comes when you have guests at home and everyone asks you for your password, so you are obliged to write it down on a piece of paper, or tell it to each of the guests, although fortunately there is a quick solution to end this problem. All you have to do is create a QR code so that others can scan it and connect to your Wifi network.

How to create a QR code for your Wifi network?

It is true that there are already Android phones that allow you to natively create a QR code with your password and the SSID, but unfortunately this is not available on all phones, there are also service applications such as TP-Link that create these. QR codes, but again, it is limited to users using certain types of Wifi Mesh routers or towers.

If your phone does not have this option, do not worry, because there is a very fast and easy way to create the QR code regardless of the brand of your router or the Internet operator you have at home. All you have to do is the following:

  • Go to the QiFi site, no need to download any app.
  • Once on the website you need to write the SSID (name of the network), establish the encryption and place the Wifi key.

  • Here you are probably wondering if this is a safe process, because you may run the risk of your SSID and password being leaked on the Internet, but no, do not worry about that, because the information generated is stored on your device, it will never stop to no server.
  • Once you have entered this data, you just have to press the “Generate” button and that’s it, your QR code is ready.

Now you just have to show that code so that your friends can scan it and connect to your network, or print it and paste it somewhere in your house so they can make the connection.

How should the code be scanned to connect to the Wifi network?

There is not much science here, you just need an application that allows you to scan any QR code, many phones already do it, but the QiFi developers recommend using the application Barcode Scanner, although he also mentions that the code will work flawlessly with any ZXing library-based code scanning application.

In our case it worked with Huawei’s camera through HiVision and also with Samsung’s.

For iOS there is no problem either, since the iOS camera is compatible with these codes, so when scanning it will automatically connect to your Wifi network.