Child restraint systems, used properly, they are the best way to protect the little ones in the house when they accompany us in the car. And the fact is that road accidents are a recurring cause of infant mortality in the world and the use of the right chairs can reduce the chances of suffering serious injuries by up to 90%.

The golden decalogue to travel with children and do it with peace of mind and safety

But, for the SRI to be able to perfectly comply with its function is necessary to attend to at least three factors. The first is size: for the minor to travel protected and safe, the seat must be appropriate for their age, weight and height.

The second is purchase the model that fits the family vehicle (newer models include IsoFix system, but there are others that do not) and make sure it is installed correctly. If the seat is not well secured it will not be able to fulfill its task.

And, the third and not least important thing is to make sure you buy an SRI model that has the corresponding European approval. How can we know if the car seat we want to buy (or that we already have) is approved by the European Union? It is necessary to observe if the chair has a label in which its data and basic characteristics are specified.

At the moment, child restraint systems are regulated by two different regulations: ECE R44 / 04 and I-Size. The latter will end up being the one that prevails, but now the two coexist and are just as valid.

The label relative to the ECE R44 / 04 standard specifies the name of the manufacturer and the name of the standard. In addition, it states that its use is universal (for all types of vehicles) and indicates the maximum and minimum weight that the minor must have for its use. It also indicates the country in which it has been approved and the serial number.

The hallmark of the I-Size standard it also shows the name of this homologation and the place, as well as the homologation number and the serial number. In addition to the weight of the child, it also specifies the height of use,