How to backup to iPhone via iTunes in a location other than the default, simple and fast

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A few years ago, I explained how to change the backup location for your iPhone via command lines. Now there is a ten times simpler solution.

The new iPhones are getting bigger when it comes to the storage space they provide. You can have an Apple smartphone even with 512GB of space. In this context, the idea of ​​a backup becomes a bit more complicated.

Although Apple allows you to back up to the cloud and restore all your important data via an internet connection, the process can take up to a full day. Think about the last time you downloaded a few hundred GB of data from the internet.

For this reason, at regular intervals, I back up my iPhone via iTunes, on my laptop or desktop. This way you are sure that if you change your phone, knock it to the ground or it is stolen, you will not lose an important volume of memories and documents.

Unfortunately, by default, iTunes puts your backups on the main partition of the operating system, on C, and most users do not have hundreds of GB free on the main partition of the laptop. To make things even more complicated, iTunes doesn’t have an option to save your backups to the second partition.

Fortunately, someone has made a program that automates the possibility of changing the backup. It only takes a few moments and, although the program in question is also available in a paid iteration, the use of the function we are interested in here does not involve any payment. As an interesting detail, it works just as well on Mac and Windows.

The application I used to change the iPhone backup location from iTunes is called iPhone Backup Extractor and you can download it for free here. After installation, on the first run, you will encounter a window like the one below. Go to the Backups section and in the lower right corner, tap Change. Choose the new folder or directory where you want to put your backups. As a reference, you can even choose an external hard drive or a network location, if you like the idea. Confirm the change with Ok.

The change takes effect in real time, the system does not need to be restarted. Enter iTunes and back up your phone as usual by clicking Backup Now. The backup will go to the new location you defined above.


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