How to avoid retaining fluid to get rid of a bulging belly

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Retaining fluid is not something that happens only to obese people, any of us can, for some reason, accumulate fluid in their body, this makes us look and feel bloated and suffer from a bulging belly; It is not about being fat, but that by retaining liquid it is like when you fill a sponge, it looks bulky but it is not its real size, if you squeeze the water it returns to normal, learn in this article how to avoid retaining fluid and thus avoid having a bulging belly

Retaining fluid in the body and its signals

The main symptoms of fluid retention in the body can be seen with the naked eye, however it can sometimes be confused with other symptoms, to be more certain you can guide yourself with some of the following symptoms:

  • Fluctuation in weight.
  • The joints may feel stiff.
  • Swelling of the parts of the body (ankles, feet and hands) also suffer from puffy eyes when waking up is another clear sign.
  • Press your skin, and if there is a white mark in the area, in addition to the skin being sunken, it is another clear sign.

How to avoid retaining fluids and prevent a bulging belly

We retain fluid mainly because of habits that we have that are not adequate, if we change these for those that if they must be acquired we can solve the retention of liquids without major problems, if you retain fluid and sometimes you feel bloated, inflamed, with that feeling that you urinate but you still feel like it, I think it’s time to know how to avoid retaining fluid in your body.

Take care of what you eat so as not to retain fluid in the body

Avoid consuming all those foods that make you retain fluid, common salt is the main cause, it reduces the consumption of it, since it makes the tissues accumulate water and you feel bloated (you can opt for sea salt instead), also the excess of sausages, proteins and preserves can produce it , since they are foods that contain added salt and it may be that the amount necessary for our body increases without realizing it.

High sodium snacks and drinks

A world without drinks and cookies can seem sad. However, these tasty snacks along with crackers, pretzels and many others can come packed with a lot of sodium, avoiding them can help improve your fluid retention problem, and of course, avoid bulging belly or swelling in the hands, legs and waist.

Take natural diuretics and stop retaining fluid

Eat diuretic foods that help you eliminate fluid from your body, such as grapes, papaya, pineapple, apple, citrus fruits and some herbs such as horsetail, taking the preparation of this plant daily in a liter of water until obtaining an infusion , help to eliminate the liquid that our body does not need.

Don’t use artificial diuretics without medical supervision

If you decide to use artificial diuretics, do not do it on your own, consult a doctor and have him prescribe the ones he thinks are convenient.

Cut down on carbohydrates

Lower your carbohydrate intake, you do not have to eliminate them but you must learn to use the correct carbohydrates and not consume them in too much quantity, since for each glycogen particle, 4 of water is retained.


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