Surgical, hygienic, PPE, with or without filter, cloth, FFP2, FFP3 … there are many debates that have been opened around the different types of masks and which are the most suitable for the general use of the population, above all, since they were imposed as mandatory in all public spaces.

Hygienic mask regulations: what should I look at on the label? How long do they last?

In constant innovation to find the perfect mask, other types of masks that are characterized by because they are made of copper and zinc, an alloy that gives the mask antimicrobial properties.

These materials, in addition, increase their fungicidal functions in contact with moisture, which is detached from the breath or from the saliva microparticles, as explained by Smartcopper, the registered brand that sells these copper and zinc masks.

In this way, the transmission of microorganisms, such as fungi, viruses or bacteria, is very difficult, since the technology applied in these masks releases copper and zinc ions that penetrate the microorganisms, altering their vital functions and, therefore, eliminates them.

“It has been shown that by combining active ingredients such as copper and zinc, biocidal action can be achieved,” they explain on the web. Thus, the active ingredients of this technology are released when they come into contact with moisture, which leads to a break in the cell membrane of viruses, bacteria or fungi.

This breakdown of the cell membrane of microorganisms affects the vital enzymatic processes of the cell and cellular respiration, which leads to a loss of nutrients and, finally, to the elimination of the microorganism.

On the other hand, regarding the characteristics of these masks, which are produced under the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95 / CEThey last an average of 300 days and about 30 machine washes.

It has three filter layers of protection, which not only act as a barrier, but also eliminate bacteria that can penetrate or adhere: an outer filtering layer of copper and zinc, an intermediate layer with Foam and an inner filtering layer also of copper and zinc.