How the Cuban media honored Diego Maradona: his relationship with Fidel Castro and with ‘the humble people’

The main portals reflected with pain the death of the Argentine star on the same day as the former president.

“Maradona’s relationship with Cuba dates back to 1987, when he visited Havana and met Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz. Both shared thoughts, visions, and ideas related to the most pressing causes for humanity. Diego always maintained that Fidel was a second father to him“. The text, excerpt from an article published by the Cuban newspaper Granma which was titled “Maradona stays in humble people”It is one of the many tributes that the Argentine star received in the Cuban media, where they showed pain for his death and even compared it with that of Fidel Castro, which occurred on the same date four years ago.

The main Cuban media emphasized the relationship between the two and his stay in Cuba, when he underwent treatment for his drug addiction in 2000, in La Pradera, and again five years later.

“Maradona is the same being of the images that he has tattooed on his body. On one shoulder, Che Guevara, and on his invincible left leg, the one that he impregnated with goals and love for the fans, Fidel,” says another article of the same newspaper, titled “Maradona did not betray the crowds, he made the news.”

Among so many news about the tribute to Fidel Castro, with commemorative acts and events in different parts of Cuba, the media gave Maradona an important place, in a country where soccer is not the most relevant sport.

“A dear and faithful friend of Fidel and of our people”, headlines this Thursday, the day after, the newspaper Rebel Youth, with a photo of Maradona and Castro.

While, Cuba Debate he echoed the news and published notes on the best goals and Maradona’s statements related to the Caribbean country. One of the most prominent was the one he delivered when he learned of Fidel’s death: “The greatest pain after the death of my parents”.

Meanwhile, the site Now titled: “Maradona, friend of Fidel and Cuba, dies.”

This Thursday, the media also reflected the letter that Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel sent to Alberto Fernández and the Argentine people in general.

“On behalf of the Cuban people and government and of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, I convey my deepest condolences for the death of Diego Armando Maradona, a dear and faithful friend of Fidel and of our people,” wrote the Cuban president.

Meanwhile, the Cuban Foreign Ministry dedicated a tweet with a photo of Diego and Fidel: “History has wanted them to leave the same day.” Also, he remembered a quote from Maradona talking about the Commander.

“For me it was like a second father, because he advised me, he opened the doors of Cuba to me when in Argentina there were clinics that closed it to me, they didn’t want Maradona’s death. And Fidel opened them to me from the heart,” he recalls.




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