Donald Trump, the incumbent president, was defeated not only by Joe Biden, the president-elect of the Americans this year, but also by Republican John McCain, albeit beyond death. McCain had to endure repeated humiliation from Donald Trump, and supporters of the late senator punished Trump as soon as the opportunity arose. Biden’s advance in the conservative state of Arizona proves this, he said Agerpres citing the Spanish agency EFE.

McCain’s popularity as a former war veteran in the United States and especially in Arizona was due to his three-decade senatorial career, as well as his respect for the traumatic experiences of his time as a prisoner of war. McCain spent five years in Vietnam through hard-to-imagine torture. And Trump used that experience to humiliate him several times. “I like people who have not been captured. (…) I don’t like losers, “Trump said during the 2015 presidential campaign.

Businessman Tommy Espinoza, a close friend of John McCain, spoke in an interview for EFE about the former Republican senator and expressed joy over Trump’s loss of the election. “Many people across the country, including the Latino community here in Arizona, voted against Trump because of his comments to McCain,” said Espinoza, who also said the attacks were then irrelevant to the late senator. .

Tommy Espinoza also gave an explanation for Biden’s victory in 2020: “Joe Biden was a very good friend of the senator (McCain – no.): They went on vacation together, they had some very intense discussions.”

Congratulations from McCain’s family to Biden were not lacking this weekend.