How many liters of petrol do you buy in Europe from the average salary: the pathetic situation in Bucharest and Cluj Napoca

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If you were looking for an additional reason to leave Romania, it is enough to look at the price we pay for gasoline compared to the average salary. The situation in Europe is completely different.

Based on a recent study by Numbeo, Fineco24News published the table below. He draws attention to a very unpleasant situation for Romanians. The ranking includes three references for major European cities, the average net salary expressed in euros, the price of a liter of petrol in euros and the ratio between the two. Basically, it draws your attention to the number of liters of gasoline that an ordinary citizen can buy with an average salary.

In total, you have 50 cities so that you can form an objective opinion related to the economic situation of each country. There are even more cities in the same country, so as not to neglect the fact that there are differences in living conditions in different cities in the same country.

Unsurprisingly, the cities of Switzerland, Zurich and Geneva are the best. With an average salary of 6020, respectively 5486 euros, the inhabitants of these localities can enjoy 4067 liters of gasoline, respectively 3472 liters, if they spent their entire salary on fuel. The two cities are followed by Luxembourg, a very important city for investors and London, the financial capital of Europe. They could not miss the top 10 northern cities such as Copenhagen or Oslo.

Germany has several cities at the top of the rankings, a reflection of the happy economic situation under Chancellor Angela Merkel. These are Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart, in that order. In 10th place is Vienna, the capital of Austria, where the average salary is 2223 euros, and a liter of gasoline costs 1.25 euros. Thus, you can buy 1778 liters of gasoline.

Romania has two cities in this top, Cluj Napoca and Bucharest. As an idea, the average salary in Bucharest is higher, 708 euros, compared to Cluj, 686 euros. However, gasoline is more expensive in Cluj, 1.14 euros compared to 1.07 euros in the capital. Finally, you buy 661 liters of gasoline in Bucharest from an average salary, while the people of Cluj have to reduce it to 601 liters.

Beyond these figures, however, it is important to note that, using this parameter of the number of liters available for an average salary, Bucharest is on the 38th place in the top of the most relevant European cities, while Cluj Napoca is on the 41st. Nice detail, the cheapest gasoline in Europe is in Moscow, 0.51 euros per liter.


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