The new iPhones arrived, and with them also the desire of many people to acquire the new Apple phones. In the case of Mexico, we know that the cheapest iPhone will be sold for 20 thousand Mexican pesos, however, it is the iPhone 12 mini with 64GB of storage, which will also be available in Mexico until November.

Of the two phones that can already be purchased in pre-sale are the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and the latter is the cheapest version that sells for 27,499 MXN, which is not exactly an affordable cost for most users in Mexico. .

For this reason, the team compared the prices of the 128GB iPhone 12 Pro in each country with the average salary of residents in each of these markets to calculate how many working days an average citizen needs to buy the new Apple phone.

How many days will it take an average Mexican to buy the iPhone 12 Pro?

As mentioned by the firm, the average net salary in our country is 10,621.56 pesos per month. Once these data were obtained, it was found that Mexico occupies the first place on the list along with India as the countries where it would take a person working the longest to buy the iPhone 12 Pro, taking 54.4 days to be able to buy it.

Next on the list is Russia, where it would take a person 47.5 days to buy the 128GB iPhone 12 Pro. Further down, in positions 17 and 18 we find Italy and Spain, with a total of 18.3 and 16.9 days respectively, while in France it would take a person 10.5 days to buy the phone and in Germany it would be only 9.7 days.

But what is surprising is that in North America (excluding Mexico) people would not take long to buy the phone, because in Canada the average salary would allow people to buy the phone in just 8.2 days, and in the United States the time would be 6.1 days, in fact, the USA is the second country on the list with the shortest waiting time to buy the Apple phone.

The country where it would be faster to buy the new iPhone 12 Pro is Switzerland, where an average person would take only 4.4 days, while Australia would only take 6.6 days.

It is important to mention that in this example alone the average salary was taken as a reference, but this would have to subtract the expenses for food, transportation, accommodation and others in order to have a better perspective on the matter.