How is the pandemic Emmy Awards gala: empty room and special effects

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With his usual acidity and histrionics, Jimmy Kimmel opened the ceremony with a virtual auditorium full of figures. The ABC of a new dynamic.

The 72nd Emmy Awards presented a great unknown: what a ceremony would be like that, forced by the coronavirus pandemic, was going to be held without an audience or a red carpet, with Jimmy Kimmel as host at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and nominees from their homes.

It started with a big surprise: Kimmel speaking to an audience full of people. “Why do an awards ceremony in the middle of a pandemic?” He asked. “Is there anything more frivolous?”He added in his traditional buzzy style, to the laughter and applause of the supposed audience.

Then he began to present each of the most nominated series. In a moment, the camera showed him sitting in the audience celebrating his own jokes. “If I’m there, how am I here?” And then what we all suspected was revealed: that I was alone, before an empty audience.

Not so empty: in one sector there were cardboard cutouts of stars. Meryl Streep, Regina King, Brian Cox, and many others, including Jason Bateman. But the protagonist of Ozark he was actually there, acting as a statue to look like a cardboard cutout and thus sneaking into the ceremony.

Kimmel rebuked him for his attitude and, after telling him that he could only stay if he celebrated the jokes, the actor went home. Then the driver moved to a sector where he was surrounded by screens, with hundreds of images of each of the “guests” following the ceremony via Zoom.

Another who appeared live was Jennifer Aniston. Standing a long way from Kimmel, they played a comedy step by yelling at each other. The Friends star was in charge of presenting the first category, Best Comedy Actress.

Kimmel grabbed the envelope with yellow rubber gloves, sprayed it with sanitizing spray, set it on fire, and put it in a bucket. Aniston put it out with a fire extinguisher, and the driver, with the envelope “properly disinfected”, announced that Catherine O’Hara was the winner.

The protagonist of Schitt’s Creek He was with his fellow cast members of the series in a living room. All dressed in full dress, with matching chinstraps and sitting next to distant tables, celebrated the triumph with the statuette, which the production of the awards had sent them. And in the festivities there were some hugs that broke social distance.

How did the trophy get to that place? After the first break, there was a comedy video about how the so-called volunteers trained to make that delivery with such speed. They allegedly practiced with race cars on a racetrack.

The next award, Best Comedy Actor, was directly announced by Kimmel. And again the celebration was for the cast of Schitt’s Creek: the winner was Eugene Levy. Again the emotion made some break the mandatory distancing.

Tracee Ellis Ross, star of Black-ish, also appeared alongside (that is to say: five meters away) Kimmel to present the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. And it was the third for the group of Schitt’s Creek. This time he received it And Levy.



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