How is the dream team of Someone has to die, the new Netflix miniseries

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This Spanish and Mexican co-production arrives on Friday 16, about a fiery homosexual love in the ’50s. With Carmen Maura, Ernesto Alterio, Ester Expósito, Carlos Cuevas and Cecilia Suárez, the team forms the Paulina from “La casa de las flores”.

This Friday 16 Netflix premieres the new creation of the author of The house of flowers, the Mexican Manolo Caro. It’s about the miniseries Someone has to die, which portrays a fiery homosexual love in the Spain of the 1950s and stands out for having a cast of stars.

A reputable young man lives in Spain for a few years. His parents, tired of not seeing him, ask him to return to Mexico so that he can meet the fiancee they got him. Then the young man appears in the town accompanied by a mysterious dancer named Lázaro, played by Isaac Hernández, one of the best classical dancers in the world in real life.

This arrival will generate conflicts within an extremely conservative and very wealthy family, who lives in a city under an oppressive regime, capable of taking any kind of measures.

The moral convictions of these people will be in danger with the arrival of Lazarus. Nothing and no one is what it seems and they all keep dark secrets that cannot be disclosed.

Caro referred to the cast that she had at her disposal in this three-part thriller: “Someone has to die it is a wonderful challenge. This is my first project in Spain and also my first away from comedy, so I was very nervous. Having this cast is a dream come true and it makes everything easier. I was very excited to start it, and now it’s real ”.

Among the actors there are an interesting mix of young promises and established actors. On one side is the Mexican Alexander Speitzer, who plays Gabino, the Mexican who returns to his country after living in Spain for several years.

“His name is Gabino and he arrives in Mexico after being away for many years. Upon landing, he learns that his family has plans for him: to marry him. He had no idea and he is accompanied by a friend, which for many is a mystery. unleashes many things. The title is very clear: ‘Someone has to die’ and that’s what’s going to happen. It is a plot in which the characters act out of love, despite what they do, “the actor said in an interview.

His mother, Mina, is embodied by the Mexican Cecilia Suarez, known worldwide for its creation of Paulina de la Mora in The house of flowers.

His father, Gregorio, is in charge of the Spanish-Argentine Ernesto Alterio, son of Héctor, who lately was seen in series like Cable girls The Narcos: Mexico, and movies like Costume, by Pablo Solarz, or Perfect strangersby Álex de la Iglesia.

One of the most important roles is that of Gabino’s grandmother, Mrs. Amparo, played by the mythical Carmen Maura. The ex Almodóvar girl (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, What have I done to deserve this, The law of desire) brings all his presence and charisma.

For its part, the new jewel of Spanish interpretation, Ester Exposito, gives life to Gabino’s future wife, Cayetana, although she will have to deal with the setback of meeting Leandro, the young dancer with whom Gabino will perform at home.

Exposito became famous for playing Carla Rosón in the Spanish series Elite, also issued by Netflix. Have 25 million followers on Instagram and is in the sights of the press of the heart: made the news for having been engaged to his girlfriend in fiction, the Mexican Speitzer.

Both actors filmed Someone has to die In 2019 and almost from the beginning rumors of a romance appeared, despite the fact that he was still related to the also actress Minnie West.

The cast also includes the young Spanish Carlos Cuevas, known mainly for his role as Biel Delmàs in the series Ventdelplà and Pol Rubio in Merlí and its spin-off, Know Aude. He plays Alonso, Cayetana’s brother and Gabino’s best friend.

And finally there is the Spanish Mariola Fuentes, who has a long career both in film and on Spanish television. Among other films, he worked on Torrent, the stupid arm of the law, Trembling flesh Y Kiki, love is made. And he participated in series like Burning Madrid, Instinct The Away from you.

Accustomed to tragicomic roles, here she played the role of a trusted employee of that wealthy family. As such, is the repository of some of the house’s darkest secrets.


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