How is Letter to You, Bruce Springsteen’s new album: the dream album for fans of his most classic sound

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Already, an essential album of this year, in which El Jefe confirms that together with the E Street Band they are the definitive rock and roll band. It comes out on October 23.

“This is the first time I do a record about music, about rock, about being in a band. Writing about all that is the most difficult. ” Own words of Bruce Springsteen give an accurate clue about the character of Letter To You.

Although there is a kind of “religious journey” (if we understand rock as a pagan cult) when judging the album, which is made up of Last Man Standing, The Power of Prayer Y If I Was The Priest, the song that condenses all that universe (and the Boss himself’s favorite), the heart of the album, is House of a Thousand Guitars.

With echoes to Girls in Their Summer Clothes (Magic, 2007) in its structure, here they come together from the dreams of the suburban kid to the epic of one who wins in good law and without betraying his family upbringing and his principles. Lyrics and melody come together with a contagious and optimistic emotion, something that already puts it Among those great Bruce tunes, which is not a small thing to say.

Letter To You also presents Two quotes to Bob Dylan: the verse “Death is not the end” (“Death is not the end”) in I’ll See You In My Dreams, and a nod to the melody of My Back Pages in Song For Orphans.

In the musical, Letter… is the album dreamed of by all fans of classic sound of the Boss with the E Street Band: the one of Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town (plus The Promise) Y The River.

The piano intros; the final codas to pure saxophone; choirs (tavern if the men sing, delicate if Patti Scialfa does); the guitar wall of Springsteen, Little Steven and Nils Lofgren; the punctual harmonica phrasing and the certainty that if the Titatic Springsteen and theirs sink with the ship with a smile and with the certainty that even today they are the definitive rock and roll band.

All this makes this album an essential this year and a classic within his discography. The Boss sent us a love letter to his music, is there a better gift in this time of illness that we have to live?



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