How is Guerra de Rosas, the new Turkish telenovela that will be seen on Telefe

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The channel continues to bet on Turkish fictions: this can, with a love triangle and a cross between social classes, has been waiting for its turn since the beginning of the year. It comes this month, no date yet. Will it go in the afternoon?

Turkish soap operas look like a endless fictions. Now, Telefe prepares for this month the landing of a new can from Turkey. Is about War of roses, a soap opera that has been waiting its turn to air since the beginning of the year.

War of roses gave way to two other novels that came before the screen: ¿And who are you?, with the young protagonist Beren Gökyıldız, which is over. Then it was the turn of Woman strength, currently on air, in prime time, in the preview of the hit reality show MasterChef Celebrity.

Finally, before the end of 2020, the new telenovela will become part of the package of Turkish fictions that yield so much to Telefe. Although its exact premiere date or schedule has not yet been defined, the channel is confident that it will follow the path of its predecessors and attract loyal audiences to these productions.

In this history (War of the Roses in the original) there is a bit of everything: intrigue, romance and, of course, social differences as an impediment to love, inevitable in the genre as its brand of identity.

The new telenovela is considered one of the most successful fictions in his country internationally, since, although it was carried out in 2014, was the second best seller of 2016, to more than 40 countries between Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Y was awarded in Istanbul for its impact outside Turkey.

This melodrama tells the story of Gülru (Damla Sönmez), a young woman from a working family, who was born in a humble neighborhood, but was raised in one of the most luxurious mansions in Istanbul, where her father was the gardener. She always admired Gulfem (Canan Ergüder), the daughter of the homeowners, for her style, elegance and education.

The girls grew up together, despite social differences, and, when the novel begins, Gulfem returns to the city after having traveled the world. For her part, Gülru became a designer, after receiving a scholarship.

The drama, of course the key to the plot, begins with the appearance of a man, Omer (Barış Kılıç), who crosses the path of both. Y they both fall in love with him.

On the other hand, Gülru, who strives to fulfill all her dreams, feels pulled by a love from her childhood who lives in the neighborhood where she was born.

The tension between the two will begin to build up in the mansion and in the neighborhood, affecting their lives and those of everyone else.

Barış Kılıç plays the heartthrob in this story. Before being an actor, he was dedicated to the economy and today he is one of the most popular figures on television in his country and one of the most popular figures.

Canan Ergüder, who plays Gulfem (she will be the villain of the story), was also a model and currently works in film, theater and television, with many important roles under her belt.

For her part, the character of Gülru is in charge of Damla Sönmez, who has worked in film since she was a girl. The actress received several awards for her roles; studied acting in Paris and London, and War of roses It was his first leading role in a soap opera.

In this way, despite criticism for prioritizing foreign cans over national productions, Telefe is now going for War of roses, which adds to the Turkish combo of Woman strength, broken wings Y Elif, currently on the air, in search of a near-guaranteed rating. Will you go to the satisfying evening strip?


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