How is Guaranteed Love, Netflix’s new romantic comedy

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With a focus on dating through social networks, it ranked among the most viewed in Argentina.

Guaranteed love arrived on Netflix on September 3 and in a few days it climbed to the second position of the most viewed by subscribers in Argentina. The film, a romantic comedy, addresses the world of internet dating and misleading messages that some products may have.

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson (Hunting time), follows attorney Susan Whitacker, who is played by Rachael Leigh Cook. She doesn’t have time to have a boyfriend, her fridge is full of fast food and she lives next door to her pregnant sister, who is happily married.

The other leading actor is Damon Wayans Jr., who puts himself in the shoes of Nick, a man tired of making meetings with women and not being able to find true love, as the application in which he navigates warns.

Nick hires Susan’s services to dsend to the page Guaranteed Love, as it says that after a thousand appointments the right person will be found. But he was not so lucky. Whitacker refuses to take the case because his goal is to help those in need, and not to defend someone who seeks the slightest mistake from a company to line his pockets. As the bills continue to arrive and the deposits in the bank are scarce, his study decides to defend it.

The lawyer knows that her opponents will look to anything her client has done to damage her public image and thus dismiss the lawsuit. Susan begins an investigation on Nick. But instead of finding a conceited man who uses women for her own gain, she realizes that the plaintiff is a gentleman and there is not a single person who has dated her who does not speak wonders.

The task is not easy as the duo face an empire. The head of the website is Tamara Taylor (Heather Graham), a celebrity who talks all the time about her travels to Tibet and the importance of spirituality. Her ideals are nothing more than a mask, since when it comes to confronting Nick and Susan she forgets about peace and is very tough.

From minute one the viewer can realize that the protagonists are going to end up together. The plot is not mysterious at all. It’s not about what will happen to them, but how.

Although it is a fiction, there are great condiments of reality. The authors Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy confessed in various interviews that they met their husbands through online dating applications. So as much as the film shows the negative side of having so many failed exits, there is hope for users looking for love.

Additionally, the film was inspired by the actual lawsuit against Molson Coors. This company claimed in its advertising that its beer was made with pure spring water from the Rocky Mountains.

Cook, who in addition to starring is one of the producers, is already a well-known face of the genre. In 1999 it was part of She is, a film that became a kind of cult for lovers of romantic comedies. The script followed a high school jock who bet on turning an unappealing girl into the queen of the school’s prom.




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