How is Beyond the Moon, the new Netflix animated film

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It is part of the strategy to compete with Disney +. It will arrive in October.

As Reed Hastings, one of Netflix’s CEOs, said, the streaming platform wants to beat Disney in the family genre. For this reason, the company has been betting on this type of production for some time. After the premiere of Cretaceous Camp, The night we saved mom Y Work it: At the rhythm of dreams, the service prepares the arrival of Beyond the moon, his new animated film.

In order to beat its competitor, whose Disney + platform will arrive in Argentina on November 17, Netflix put young stars who began their careers in the Mickey Mouse company as protagonists of new fictions. This time, the company hired Glen Keane, who was behind films like Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled Y Pocahontas, among other. In addition, it won an Oscar for Best Animated Short for Dear Basketball, with basketball player Kobe Bryant.

John Karhs will be the co-director. The story is by the author Audrey Wells, who passed away in 2018. The trailer shows Fei Fei, a girl who, after losing her mother, dreams of reaching the moon and meeting a goddess who -as her mother told her- lives there and is waiting for a “unique and true love”. The film, which is announced with great fanfare, will premiere on October 23.

When at a family dinner, relatives laugh at the protagonist’s beliefs and tell her that she is a silly myth, Fei Fei decides to show them that the story is true. With the help of Brincos, a rabbit that is her pet,. build a rocket and travel to space.

The main character is a bright young woman who is driven by determination and a passion for science. During the journey she discovers a land full of fantastic creatures that is quite different from what she believed.

Like Disney movies of this type, the music has great importance and the message too. Talk about moving forward, accepting the unexpected, and the power of imagination.

The English version of the feature film will feature the voices of stars such as Cathy Ang, Phillipa So, Sandra Oh, Kimiko Glenn, Ken Jeong y John Cho. The Latin American version of the protagonist will be in charge of the Mexican Melissa Gdeón, better known as Meli G, who debuted in 2005 as the voice in Spanish of Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. She is currently known for voicing Pinkie Pie in the popular animated series. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

He also voiced Peyton Kelly in Training dad, Bella in the live action version of the movie Beauty and the Beast, a Lilo en Lilo y Stitch and in the Leroy and Stich series, and the Pink Ranger in Power Rangers: Ninja Steel, among many other fictions.

In addition, the main theme of the film, called Journey into the light, is played by the Mexican Danna Paola, who despite having a long career in his country, achieved international fame thanks to the role of Lucrecia in the series Elite, from the same platform. This is not the first time that Paola is part of an animated project. Already sang in the movie Tangled, from Disney.



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