In recent days we have seen many videos from European and North American media that have already been able to test the Xbox Series X and have shared their first impressions of the console’s performance, the graphical gaming experience, and backward compatibility with previous generation titles. One of the most discussed topics on social networks was that CNET mentioned that the console was getting hotter than necessary, but … is it really like that?

Other media that also have the console have mentioned that in their experience the console does not get too hot, it is true that a lot of hot air comes out of the fan because it must expel all the heat generated by the processor and other elements, but that it is not noisy or overheated.

To corroborate these data, Jeffrey Grubb, youtuber who has been uploading content to his channel because he also has a unit for review, has put the console to the test and compared it to an Xbox One X, a PS4 Pro and a PC with a Ryzen 9 processor and an Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU, all this to see if the X Series gets much hotter than it should.

Series X heats up less than Xbox One X

To everyone’s surprise, in the performance test Grubb has used Hitman 2 for 10 minutes on each of the consoles and PC, in this way it has obtained 3 results, which are the minimum, maximum and average temperature, and in the 3 measurements The Series X has had lower results than the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro, although the PC has been the one that has managed the temperature best, although that may be due to its design and fans.

Crédito: Jeffrey Grubb

By the time the console has warmed up the most, it has barely passed 50 degrees Celsius, while the Xbox One X reached a maximum temperature of almost 55 degrees, and the PS4 Pro reached almost 65 degrees Celsius at its lowest point. high.

With this it is clearer that the ventilation of the X Series is to attract attention, since Microsoft has mentioned that it has been one of the points in which they have worked the most since the graphic power that the games will achieve will also cause more heat to be generated in the console, so it was vital that it left the console to keep the temperature in a range that did not affect the life of the same.

In turn, the different media that have had access to the console highlight that the fan is quite silent, some even report that it is even quieter than that of the Xbox One X, which had already surprised by the low noise it generated to eject the hot.