At the beginning of 2014, after 10 years of collaboration, during a tour in Israel, Miarabela Dauer and Raoul quarreled and decided to interrupt any collaboration. The reason was related to the fact that, at that time, Raoul was working on an album with another artist, Viorica Macovei, and Mirabela would have felt betrayed.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of musical activity, an event dedicated to Mirabela and celebrated with pomp by Paul Surugiu-Fuego, in “Drag de România mea” (TVR 2), the moderator decided to invite Raoul as well. On this occasion, the two resumed the friendship.

“I have always had and still have a special relationship with Mirabela. Both friendship and collaboration. Our relationship has often been commented on and brought to the public’s attention in all possible ways and forms. The most important thing here is that Mirabela sings 6 albums written by me, music and lyrics, in 10 years of collaboration, hundreds of shows, dozens of domestic and international tours and a wonderful human connection. The collaboration with Mirabela made a strong impression in my career as a composer and lyricist, but also in my personal life I had many good things to learn, on the go, from her “, Raoul said about Mirabela Dauer.