Exasperated by the inaction of the Italian authorities, but also by the European ones, the famous anti-mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri and the historian Antonio Nicaso sound the alarm through a book published this month under the title “Illegal oxygen”. “The Mafia is fully active, and its interests are not limited to Italy,” warn the two authors.

In an interview with the Mondadori group and taken over by “Le Point”, Nicola Gratteri explains how the mafia acts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For mobsters, any kind of crisis is an opportunity. That’s what happened from the cholera pandemic of 1867 in Sicily to the Irpinia earthquake of 1980. Coronavirus, which is both a health and economic crisis, could bring profits to a mafia that has invested in a kneeling economy. ” , says the Italian prosecutor.

If the pandemic stopped entire sectors of the economy, it did not affect the mafia instead, he continues. “Drug trafficking continued, as did fraud. Offenses related to usury and money laundering have multiplied. There are examples of mafia clans that in the first phase of the pandemic tried to set up companies to obtain aid funds. They will do the same in the case of the European relaunch plan “, says Gratteri.

In his opinion, the big problem is that the legal economy will need financial resources, and the mafia could then present itself as a saving solution without anyone asking questions about the origin of the money.

“The Mafia has already shown a certain dynamism in” welfare “(social welfare) by supporting families in distress. A help that is never disinterested, because its strategic objective is to find a social consensus in the territory “, he explains.

According to Nicola Gratteri, a sector subject to the risks of mafia implantation is that of sanitary waste. “It is already known that ‘Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia, is interested in countries like Bulgaria, which is becoming a landfill for Europe,” he warns.

The Italian prosecutor states that the fight against the mafia “must be fought constantly and on a global front”.