Connecting headphones to television via bluetooth is not always easy, and when possible there are sometimes problems with the sound, as it is not synchronized. It is also not very comfortable to use cable headphones because we will not be standing all the time next to the television to listen to what is happening, so the option that Roku offers to its users to listen to the sound of the TV from headphones it seems to us one of the most comfortable methods today.

It is true that depending on what type of Roku device you have, you can connect headphones by cable to your remote control, but we only see this option on the Roku 3. However, it is possible to connect headphones no matter what model of Roku you have at home, even if it is a Roku TV.

How is this whole process done? Well, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • The first thing you have to do is download the Roku application, which is available for free at Android Y iOS.
  • Once you have the application, you need to log in with your Roku account to link your device.
  • Now you need to have a wired or bluetooth headset ready to use, as this option does not work with Bluetooth headphones.
  • Go to the remote control option within the application and click on the headphone icon to activate the “Private listening” function.

  • Once activated, the device’s audio will go to your headphones, so the television will stop producing sound while it plays the content you have chosen.

  • This option works for any streaming channel and for the digital signal from your Roku device.
  • If you want to stop listening to the content on your headphones, you just have to press the icon in the application again and that’s it, the sound will play again on your TV.

This option is ideal when you want to watch some content on your television, but there is another person in the same room who needs to concentrate or you do not want to disturb them with the sound when watching a movie, series or video.