The deadline to request the aid of the Plan Renove 2020 is open from today until next December 31, as long as the 250 million euros budget does not run out for this car park rejuvenation program.

Is the junkyard you’re going to legal? Check before you have these authorizations

How do you apply for these grants? The first thing is to check that the requirements are met to be able to start the procedures. They can be consulted here, but the most essential thing is that the aid is intended to buy a vehicle registered as of June 15, 2020 and that, in exchange, a model of at least 10 years is scrapped in the case of passenger cars.

Once these requirements have been verified, the process can be started through the operational application at the Ministry’s Electronic Headquarters. The procedure can be accessed through a digital certificate or with free access.

To start the application process, The interested party must submit the following documents through the application:

  • The request with the data of the interested party and the vehicle.
  • The document justifying the order of the vehicle.
  • The justification for the payment of the vehicle signal.
  • The documents to prove the scrapping of the vehicle.
  • And the supporting documents for possible additional aid (reduced mobility, nuclei with minimum income …).
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The Renove Plan 2020 guide: how to request up to 4,000 euros of aid to buy a new vehicle

Once the procedure is registered, the applicant must go to the dealer to buy the vehicle and the price with the Renove Plan discount must be reflected on the invoice. Applicant will need to collect the remaining necessary documentation and upload it to the application, for which you will have a period of 120 days. Some of the models of these documents can be downloaded and consulted here, although from this moment they are also available in the same application.

Once this process has been completed and possible deficiencies have been corrected, the Ministry will proceed to resolve the requests. The aid will begin to be entered during the month of November and the resolutions can be extended during the first months of 2021, so you will have to be patient.