How did The New York Times publish the exclusive investigation into Donald Trump’s taxes?

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Journalists Russ Buettner, Susanne Craig and Mike McIntire, supported by Paul Fishleder, veteran investigative editor, and Matthew Purdy, deputy editor of the newspaper, published this Sunday “the most comprehensive photo to date of the president’s business and finances.”

A team of three journalists and two editors from The New York Times worked for four years to find the details of the tax returns that US President Donald Trump has tried to hide since he ran for President and that show minimal contributions, exposure to millionaire debts, dubious tax practices and possible conflicts of interest.

Journalists Russ Buettner, Susanne Craig and Mike McIntire, supported by Paul Fishleder, veteran investigative editor, and Matthew Purdy, deputy editor of the newspaper, published this Sunday “the most complete business photo to date and finances of the president “, indicated in a note that accompanied the exclusive Dan Baquet, executive director of the newspaper.

The team of New York Times has been made with an exclusive based on a large number of documents provided by “sources with legal access to them” and that they have not been disclosed to protect the anonymity of those sources, which Baquet recalls “take a high personal risk to help inform the public.”

During the last year, none of the three reporters published more than half a dozen articles in the newspaper and most of them were related to topics that were simultaneously related to Trump’s business or taxes, which shows the exclusive dedication of this team, which has made merits for next year’s Pulitzer Prizes.

“Reporters who have examined the documents have been covering the president’s finances and taxes for almost four years,” Baquet said.

Michael Luo, editor of The New Yorker magazine, opined on Twitter: “No other outlet in the world could invest the time and resources in the New York Times’ Trump tax investigations. Maybe the Washington Post or ProPublica? reporters, unlimited time. Support investigative journalism, it is the bulwark of our democracy “, He said.

The detailed account of 10,000 words appeared on Sunday on the newspaper’s website and this Monday occupies the cover almost entirely and six pages of the paper version, where they analyze how Trump avoided paying taxes for more than a decade and, in 2016 and 2017, disbursed amounts of 750 dollars each.

The investigation describes a complex skein of businesses, income, debts and deductions that have allowed the president to avoid paying taxes for the last 20 years, but also how a large part of his businesses they are money sinks with no profit.

It also sets out how the president has more than 300 million in loans and mortgages in his name that expire in the next four years, so if he were re-elected in the November elections he would be in command of the Executive while he faces possible insolvency.

In addition, you could face the obligation to return 72.9 million in taxes that the IRS refunded to you, which with the payment of interest and penalties could exceed 100 million dollars. This case is pending an audit that appears to be mired in the same bureaucracy that Trump oversees.

According to Professor Emily Bell at Columbia University School of Journalism, this is “a damaging and constitutionally dangerous photo”Although it is not really a surprise when you consider the revelations about Trump’s finances that have emerged since he announced his intention to be president in June 2015.

Ryan Mac, technology correspondent for Buzzfeed, praised the New York Times for examining Trump’s complex fiscal universe and, at the same time, presenting it so clearly: “It is a rigorous and dense story for those who seek detailBut there is one final conclusion that people will remember for a long time: the $ 750. “

The New York Times, which will publish more information in the future About Trump’s taxes, he has kept the elaboration of this exclusive a waterproof secret and even people close to the team did not realize what was brewing.

Rukmini Callimachi, the newspaper’s correspondent for issues of radical extremism, said that although there were people at his desk in charge of the report, “I had no idea they were working on it.

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