Identified and brought for questioning, Cristina Joia’s aggressor tries to justify her deed. She admitted that she hit Cristina Joia, but claims that she reacted this way because the designer broke her car wiper.

Law enforcement is still waiting for an extremely important piece of evidence in the case, the preliminary report of the Institute of Forensic Medicine on the consequences of the attack, because depending on what the lawyers say prison.

According to Pro TV journalist Ovidiu Oante – who is following the case closely – the suspect is 34-year-old Ştefania Andrei. The police officers made two raids, the first at the address where it appeared in the documents and the second at a house in sector 5 where the domicile without legal forms and from where they also picked it up. They took her to Section 14, awaiting a detention order for 24 hours, and today she will be brought before a judge for rights and freedoms, with a proposal for pre-trial detention.

“- What happened?

– He broke my car wiper.

“Did that justify you being so violent?”

– I’m not violent.

“Why did you hit her so hard?”

“I just hit her.” Not so strong. I really punched him.

– Why did you hit her?

“Because he broke my car wiper,” he swore at me. She made me a gypsy.

“And the solution is to hit her?”

“No, that’s not the solution,” was the woman’s dialogue with reporters who waited for her before entering the hearings.

“On November 7 this year, around 17:00, the 14th Police Station was notified by call 112 regarding the fact that a person was assaulted inside a store in sector 4. The police immediately arrived at the scene. who identified a woman who reported being physically assaulted by another woman she did not know. The injured person was transported to a hospital for care, “authorities said.