How Apple is getting rich: what phones are left without headphones and charger in the box, at the same price

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Apple sells the most expensive phones on the market, and by removing the headphones and charger from the box, they have just become more expensive.

In the first half of this week, Apple unveiled the new series of iPhone 12 devices, through an online conference. During the same event, the company’s officials gave an elaborate speech about how the company takes care of the planet, the environment.

As part of that “green” speech, Apple insisted on the significant “benefit” derived from the fact that it will no longer include a charger and a pair of headphones in the box of new smartphones. Apparently, the decision in question will be reflected in a 70% higher volume of phones transported in a container. This means that in the box of the new iPhones you will find only the phone and a USB-C cable – Lightning.

If you lived with the impression that this economical decision will be reflected in a discount on the price of the device, you are sorely mistaken. Also from $ 1000, the iPhone 12 Pro starts in the states, a value that will be translated into approximately 5100 lei in Romania.

In order for the bad news package to be complete, while you end up paying about 50 euros for what Apple took out of your box, the company decided to apply the same expensive treatment to the old terminals it continues to sell. Thus, if you plan in the next period to buy an iPhone XR, iPhone 11 or iPhone SE (2020), all these will be delivered only with the charging cable, without a charger plug or headset.

The “unbeatable” offer will upset many people, but it is unlikely to lead to a decrease in the number of Apple customers. As a nice gesture, at least on the official website in America, the Cupertino giant decided to reduce the price of EarPods by $ 10, up to $ 20. Thus, you pay $ 40 on the headphones and cable that Apple has offered you for free so far, in the price of an iPhone. It is unlikely that the same discounts will be seen in Romania.

As a footnote, a partial exception to the above rule occurs in France, where current legislation prohibits telephone manufacturers from selling headless devices in bundles for reasons of accessibility. The charger will disappear from there as well.


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