House treatments to take away lice

They’re relentless on boys who go to high school or the membership. However there are strategies and do-it-yourself substances to fight them.

Lice are grayish-brown parasitic bugs that measure about 2.5 mm (females as much as 4 and males as much as 3). They don’t bounce or have wings to fly: they stay on the human scalp and are hematophagous, that’s, they feed on blood.

As if this weren’t sufficient, they’ve a specifically “designed” clip to carry onto the hair and transfer in a short time, making it tough to seek out them with the bare eye.

It appears simpler to detect nits, small whitish eggs hooked up to the bottom of the hair. The issue with them is that they’re nearly unimaginable to battle and in per week they’ll flip into grayish and yellowish larvae (nymphs) after which into new lice, which if they’re feminine will lay eggs: three to 10 per day every, which means that in their life cycle – of simply over a month – they’ll spawn between 90 and 300 nits … and future lice! that they’ll transfer from one head to the opposite with complete “impunity.”

Youngsters are recognized to be the favourite “candidates” for these undesirable beings: A number of current research in Latin America have indicated that greater than a 3rd of boys between the ages of three and 12 undergo from pediculosis capitis, which within the dad and mom’ language implies that they harbor tons of of lice on their heads.

It impacts all social strata and its presence has nothing to do with lack of hygiene. And even when they’re meant to be exterminated with any of the “weapons” obtainable available on the market, they resist, mutate, strengthen, uninteresting the hair, generate itching and dangerous temper, irritate the scalp and produce abrasions “.

The story is rarely ending, however there are some palliatives to appease them and along with prescribed drugs and over-the-counter merchandise – extra, or much less, efficient – which are bought in pharmacies There are dwelling treatments to take away lice. Or a minimum of strive.

Current all year long – with peaks in autumn and summer time – though they can’t be utterly banished It’s important to offer them fight periodically to maintain them away a minimum of for some time. These are some dwelling treatments to take away lice:

Peine up. It’s the dwelling treatment for lice par excellence. Its use is important and can’t be absent in any home the place younger kids stay. Ideally, search for one which has stainless-steel steel prongs in order that it doesn’t bend, rounded suggestions and an interdental area not exceeding 2 mm to facilitate the duty of eradicating nits.

Even so, the positive comb basically permits for speedy remission of grownup lice and nymphs, however not all of the nits, so it’s essential to at all times accompany it with a extra highly effective therapy. It needs to be handed gently in small sections, from the roots to the ends, a minimum of twice per session. They advocate utilizing it with a lubricating product, corresponding to a conditioner, to facilitate gliding all through the hair. The method needs to be repeated every day – if attainable upon return from college – as much as a minimal of two weeks after not discovering a single extra grownup louse.

Vaseline. This fatty substance favors the suffocation of lice by clogging their respiratory pores (spinnacles). It needs to be utilized to your entire head as soon as per week for five to eight hours. Though it has the drawback that it greases the hair, alternatively facilitates the elimination of lice and nits by passing the positive comb.

There are different elements for family use, like mayonnaise and olive oil, that are additionally used for lice therapies. Nonetheless, in keeping with laboratory checks, the quantity that really suffers from suffocation with these merchandise may be very small.

Important oils. Some medical research – though with out very conclusive outcomes – counsel that there are pure oils that may trigger lice and nits to remove poisonous results. For instance: tea tree oil, anise oil, ylang ylang oil or a mixture of shea, coconut and sunflower oil.

Additionally nerolidol, a chemical compound current within the oils of many plant species. It’s a must to combine two teaspoons of olive oil with about 20 drops of any of those oils, apply with a cotton ball on the scalp and go away it on in a single day. Rinse within the morning, wash with shampoo and repeat the process the subsequent evening.

The prohibited ones. In different occasions, some individuals used flammable merchandise (kerosene or gasoline) as treatments to take away lice. At this time, nonetheless, they’re discouraged because of the dangers and adversarial results that their use can produce within the physique.

The same state of affairs occurred with vinegar -white or apple-, which turned well-liked amongst moms within the 70s and 80s as a therapy to fight lice. The explanation: as a result of its acidity, it contributes to the peeling of the nits after which it’s simpler to take away them with a positive comb.

Nonetheless, in keeping with a report by the Argentine Society of Pediatrics, though it reveals virtues as a pediculicide and works as an inhibitor of the motion of lice after 10 minutes of use (whether it is utilized in a focus of 100%) the consequence additionally indicated that it has a excessive irritating energy to the scalp, because of this, it’s not beneficial amongst dwelling treatments to take away lice.


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