Hours after the last presidential debate in the US: where are Donald Trump and Joe Biden doing and what

The president jumps from one electoral act to another seeking to win in key states. His rival secludes himself, preparing for the last duel before the elections.

President Donald Trump is jumping from one place to another on the map of the United States, from bastion to bastion in which he must win, when there are hours until the presidential debate with Joe Biden, this Thursday, the last before the elections of the 3 of November.

This final effort by the president could be his last chance to change the trajectory of the 2020 campaign, in which rival seems to be carrying a more favorable tailwind.

Democrat Biden has adopted the opposite approach and retreats to prepare for Thursday’s encounter in Nashville, Tennessee. Trump, who is trailing in polls in most contested states, stopped in Pennsylvania on Tuesday and headed for North Carolina on Wednesday to broadcast what his campaign team believes. your final message.

“This is a choice between a Trump super recovery and one biden depression”Said the president in Erie, Pennsylvania. “You will see a depression like you have never seen.” Then he added: “If you want depression, ruin and despair, vote for Sleepy Joe. And boredom ”.

But the Republican president’s speech that he should lead the rebuilding of an economy devastated by the coronavirus pandemic has been overshadowed by a series of fights.

In the past two days, he attacked the country’s top infectious disease expert and a respected TV news magazine, while hinting that the country was tired of talking about a virus that has killed more than 221,000 people in the U.S.

Before leaving the White House for Pennsylvania on Tuesday, Trump recorded part of an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” that apparently ended. roughly. On Twitter, the president stated that his interview with Lesley Stahl it had been “FALSE and TRENDY” and threatened to release a version edited by the White House before it airs Sunday.

And he showed a kind of behind the camera in which he shows the journalist without a mask.

Trump, who is also behind in fundraising For campaign advertising, it increasingly relies on events to maximize voter turnout from its constituency. His Tuesday trip to Pennsylvania was one of several visits to the state scheduled for the next two weeks.

“If we win Pennsylvania, we win everything,” Trump said in Erie.

Erie County, which comprises the old industrial city in the northwest of the state, was conquered by President Barack Obama by 5 percentage points in 2012 but was in the hands of Trump by 2 points in 2016. That change, driven by Trump’s triumph Among white, working-class, college-bound voters, it was repeated in small towns and rural areas and helped her overcome Hillary Clinton’s victories in large cities across the state.

But Trump probably needs to raise his score further this time as his outlook deteriorated since 2016 in vote-rich suburban Philadelphia, where it underperformed under previous Republican measures. This increases the importance of his campaign’s more aggressive outreach to new rural and small-town voters throughout the industrial north.

His associates are concerned that his adversary is in a unique position to prevent it, as Biden not only hails from Scranton but has also built his political image as a representative of the middle and working classes.

Trump, speaking for less than an hour, showed the crowd a video of various statements by Biden on fracking with the intention of portraying the Democrat as someone who opposes that process. This question is crucial in a state that is the second gas producer native of the country. Biden’s current stance is that he would ban new oil and gas permits, including fracking, only on federal lands. The vast majority of oil and gas does not come from federal lands.

Three weeks of tugging at the format and structure of the debate seem to have quieted down after the Committee on Presidential Debates proposed procedures aimed at reducing the chaotic interruptions that characterized the first meeting between Trump and Biden last month.

This time, Trump and Biden’s microphones will be off while the rival gives a two-minute response to each of the six debate topics, the commission announced. The “mute” button will not be activated in the open discussion portion of the debate.


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