What would become of us without him terror in video games? What’s that urge to have a hard time for so long and why do we love it? We might as well be enjoying some classics with Mario Bros that is only dedicated to killing turtles, but no.

We love to be immersed in spooky scenarios, with bloody and complex monsters that lead to a latent thirst for revenge.

Heart attack scenarios, suffocating sounds, unimaginable creatures, absolute darkness or mental disorders are some of the ingredients that we enjoy even if they really make us feel bad.

The scarier a video game is, the better, but what’s behind that pleasure? There are those who consider and argue that those who enjoy this genre are ruthless and misunderstood souls, but it is much more complex and simple at the same time than that.

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The pleasure behind the terror

To understand this phenomenon, we spoke with Rocío Sarmiento López, psychologist specialized in biofeedback, who explained that the belief that horror-loving people are sadists is wrong.

“Terror produces a physiological activation that produces adrenaline. Adrenaline activates your whole body. Vision, for example, improves because the pupils are dilated to see better in the dark. The heart beats faster to guide oxygen to the muscles and brain so you can act faster. Everything is through the segregation of adrenaline, “he said.

At the same time, Sarmiento explains that adrenaline secretion causes blood to go directly to the extremities; that is, to feet and hands to have more strength to run or hit.

According to the psychologist’s words, it is an ancestral fear that we have and that is activated through fear or terror. The production of adrenaline makes us feel alive, good and intense. That is why people become addicted to this feeling.

“It is a controllable fear and that is why we like it. If you don’t want to see a scene, you cover your eyes and that’s it. You produce adrenaline, but it goes away. The moment it’s too much for you, you can avoid it. We like to feel that, but because it is controlled.

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In short, the expert points out that the pleasure of terror lies in the physiological response of our anatomy, as long as we are aware that the stage will be under our control. We like to feel in danger, without really being it.