Horner: It is unacceptable that Wolff went to the Stewards

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s boss, feels it is unacceptable for Toto Wolff to visit the Mercedes team stewards following the Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen incident. According to Brits, race management must be able do its job without being interrupted.

Christian Horner reached out to Michael Masi, race director, shortly after Max Verstappen’s crash on the first lap of the British Grand Prix. Red Bull Racing’s team principal stated that “any driver who has driven here will know that it is not a good idea to try it inside Copse.” “It was a huge accident. Max was responsible for one hundred percent of the damage. Hamilton is to blame for this. Hamilton should not have driven there. It could have been an accident. He is now fine. I hope it is handled properly.” Then Toto Wolff came on the radio: “Michael, I just sent you an email with a diagram. Did you receive it?”

Masi informed Wolff he wouldn’t check his email during race. Race director said he was free and allowed to go to the office of the stewards. Horner explained that he heard that Toto was going before the stewards. Motorsport.com. “But I don’t think it’s right for a team boss to go to the stewards to lobby. They need to be completely isolated from the outside world in order to complete their work and not be influenced. It was unacceptable for him to go upstairs to lobby the stewards. I then wanted to make sure there was a balanced trade-off and no pressure on the stewards to stick to a light penalty.”

Horner stressed that stewards shouldn’t be interrupted in their duties. “They have to be able to make decisions with a clear head. I was only there because Toto had been there to make a case. However, you should not leave anyone behind with the stewards if you want it to be fair and balanced.

Wolff claims that his visit to the stewards resulted primarily from what Masi heard on the radio. “I was told there was a tirade over the radio to Michael about all the bad in this world. Wolff said, “Then I went upstairs and gave my opinion.” Motorsport.comBefore I reveal: “I’ve been to the Stewards many times during my life.”


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