Horner: “An amateur mistake for a seven-time champion”

Christian Horner is not happy with Lewis Hamilton’s actions at Max Verstappen in the British Grand Prix’s first round. Red Bull Racing team boss describes an amateurish mistake as well as an act of desperation.

Max Verstappen started from pole position on Sunday after his victory in sprint racing. But he was forced to confront Lewis Hamilton’s aggressive driving after the start. After the Mercedes driver had made a better exit at Woodcote, Verstappen decided to take a shot at Copse. This was an extremely fast turn to the left. Hamilton struck Verstappen with his right rear tire while driving on the left side of the track, causing a serious crash for him. Verstappen was taken to hospital and Hamilton was given a time penalty of ten seconds. However, he won the Grand Prix.

Christian Horner (team boss) said Hamilton’s move was doomed. “If you look at the onboard footage, you can see that it goes wide because it takes too much speed into the corner. The move was not made. This was an amateur error for a seven time world champion. “We were very lucky that nobody was seriously injured today,” Horner commented after the race. Motorsport.com NetherlandsYou should. “It just came across as a desperate move. He lost the start on Wellington Straight and then tried again. Max wheelbanged Max on Wellington Straight. Max then put a wheel on Copse. Copse is one of the fastest corners of this championship. It allows you to go through nearly full throttle at speeds of 290 kilometers an hour. This can only end one way. It just really disappoints me that a seven-time world champion takes such desperate action that lands another driver in hospital.”

Horner is also dissatisfied with Hamilton’s ten-second penalty. “If you drive another driver in the hospital, and after a penalty still win Grand Prix,” he said. Horner said that Red Bull has the right to object to the sanction. However, it does not affect the result in any significant way. They were also convinced by their decision by the stewards. It doesn’t seem like there is much point in continuing the case, but we will look into it. We will talk about it soon.”

It is now clear that Verstappen, aside from some bruises on his shoulder, has suffered no injuries. Horner: “He’s black and blue. It was the worst accident in his career. The impact was 51G. It wasn’t worse. He was able to leave the scene by himself. Because it was a huge accident.”

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