He is one of the artists who radiates joy and enthusiasm, but Horia Brenciu was not a pamper of fate. The artist had a difficult childhood, about which he rarely speaks.

“I don’t think many people know that, we were a poor family. My mother disappeared between us when I was 11 and my brother 10. Suddenly, my father and I felt we had to settle certain duties that my mother had. My father did as much education as he could and he was the cook in the house. (…) In Brasov, not only was there nothing (food) and the queues were from 2-3-4 in the morning, but the light was also turned off ‘, said Horia at Vorbeşte mundu.

Horia Brenciu has been living a beautiful love story, for more than 14 years, with Alice Dumitrescu, and together they raise four children, of whom they feel very proud. He says that the family is a “dressing” for everything, and for his wife he has only words of praise: “I admire his life, career, achievements, all the occupations he has in the house and outside it and here I am referring especially to gardening. I admire the strength and patience with which he keeps me and our 4 children in check. I admire and adore her for all the morning moments when she calls me for breakfast. And I think I will have a lot to admire at her… “, said Horia Brenciu for avantaje.ro.