Hong Kong suffers the biggest outbreak of COVID-19 infections in months due to dance academies

The authorities of Hong Kong They confirmed this Thursday the highest daily increase in the last three months, another 85 cases of coronavirus, of which there are 63 that are related to a series of dance academies in the city, which have already left 250 positive.

Approximately 5,000 people who have had some type of contact with these dance centers have already been analyzed, say the health authorities, who number 60 cases that are being analyzed and are likely to test positive, as well as 16 those that have not been able to be traced, says the newspaper ‘South China Morning Post’.

In total, Hong Kong has already registered 5,866 cases, although 5,295 correspond to patients who have managed to overcome the disease, and 108 deaths. NINE LOCAL CASES IN THE INNER MONGOLIA REGION

In parallel, the Chinese Ministry of Health has reported this Thursday that 21 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded, a dozen of them imported and another nine of community transmission, all located in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia.

The number of imported COVID-19 cases has risen to 3,821 in the country, while the total number of positives nationwide is 86,490 and the number of deaths remains at 4,634.

Of the last 12 imported infections, five have been registered in Shanghai, and another four in the province of Guangzhou. In the provinces of Jiangsu, Fujiany, and Sichuan, an infection has been confirmed, respectively.

On the other hand, the Health portfolio has reported that a score of people have received medical discharge in the last 24 hours, although 306 patients are still admitted, seven of them in serious condition. The number of recovered is 81,550.

Finally, 925 people who had had direct contact with infected people have concluded their stay in medical facilities in the last 24 hours, although there are still 10,768 under observation.



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