Hong Kong faces China and the United States again

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The resignation en bloc from Hong Kong opposition has triggered foreseeable facts: a Parliament with many empty seats, the exalted defense from Beijing to the law that motivated the fright and the threat of accentuated sanctions from Washington. The National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, it aired them for those “responsible for extinguishing freedom in Hong Kong.” He did not clarify who he was referring to, but he did say that the formula “one country, two systems” is now “just a large sheet that covers the expansion of the dictatorship of the Communist Party in Hong Kong.”

The European Union (EU) has also rejected “the Beijing’s latest arbitrary decision “ and has ensured that the absence from pro-democracy opposition “undermines the autonomy” of the former colony. The 27 urge China to reverse the controversial law allowing the expulsion of opposition MPs in the Hong Kong Parliament.

The ex-colony it is one of the many issues that separate China and the US. It is not presumed to Trump excited with chaos in the streets, if not caused by his own, so the protests that devastated the former colony for a year did not have his support. He even spoke of “violent disorders”. That qualification, which the anti-government camp rebutted against Beijing for its serious legal consequences, was understood as a gesture of solidarity with Xi Jinping. But the coronavirus a United States and the hostile turn on all fronts that resulted in the growing visibility of the most aggressive sectors, in statements of support for the protesters and in punishment laws. No one roused Beijing more than the one that foresaw the end of the category of preferred partner of the former colony on the grounds that it meddled in sovereign issues.

“Authoritarian assault”

The choir has returned today. The Senator Marco Rubio, a staunch critic of Beijing, has also predicted “consequences” that he has not detailed either. “It is imperative that the United States and its allies for freedom unite to condemn the undeniable and profound ramifications of this authoritarian assault on power that has cleaned up what little was left of Hong Kong from the democratic political system and violates China’s obligations.” , has declared.

The Legco or island parliament has started its morning session with the 19 empty seats from opposition. He resigned en bloc on Wednesday after four members were disqualified under a law that had been approved hours earlier from Beijing by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the highest national legislative body. The regulations provide for the expulsion of parliamentarians who support independence, deny Chinese sovereignty, threaten national security or request the intervention of foreign forces. The four victims, who had requested US sanctions on Hong Kong, are heavyweights on the local political scene: Alvin Yeung, Kwok Ka-ki and Dennis Kwok, from the Civic Party, and Kenneth Leung, from the Professionals Guild. Claudia Mo, a former journalist and affiliated with the anti-government camp, has said that Hong Kong is no longer governed by law but by decrees.

“It will stink for 10,000 years”

A banner hung in the parliamentary seat read that Carrie Lam, the chief executive, had brought disaster to Hong Kong and, alluding to an old Chinese curse, he ventured that “it will stink for 10,000 years.” Lam confessed to feeling “excited & rdquor; with the agility with which laws will be approved from now on.

The Chinese media have struggled to justify a measure that has disturbed many in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. The recent law, judged the newspaper China Daily, will restore peace and prosperity to Hong Kong. “Those who think they can still continue to serve as pawns of foreign forces in the Hong Kong Parliament must face the reality that those days of acting with impunity are over,” he added.

The Hong Kong Liaison Office described the parliamentary exodus as a “farce” or and a “direct challenge” against the local government and the Basic Law that governs the territory. Resigned parliamentarians, he added, are wrong “if they think radical opposition and foreign interference can return.”



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