Hong Kong extends restrictions by a week as two cases cannot be traced

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Hong Kong authorities confirmed eight new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, including two that could not be traced, reason why they have decided to extend one more week the restrictions of social distancing, including the prohibition of meetings of more than four people.

Among those eight new positives are four imported, that come from Germany, the Philippines, France and India, details the newspaper South China Morning Post. With these figures, the former British colony adds 5,201 accumulated cases, of which 4,931 have already been recovered, and 105 deaths.

For its part, the Ministry of Health of China reported this Wednesday that they have been diagnosed another twenty cases, fourteen of which from abroad.

The number of imported COVID-19 cases thus amounts to 3,050 in China, while the total nationwide is 85,611 positives.

Of the latest infections that have reached China, six have been registered in the province of Canton, five in the municipality of Shanghai, and another three in Shanxi.

Massive tests in Qingdao for a regrowth

The six foreign cases have been diagnosed in Shandong province, where one of its main cities, Qingdao, is carrying out test its entire population, about 9.5 million inhabitants, after twelve new positives were confirmed last weekend, six of them asymptomatic.

This Tuesday the health authorities did not confirm either no death, therefore, the death toll from the disease remains at 4,634.

On the other hand, the Chinese Ministry of Health reported that seven people have been discharged from hospital in the last 24 hours, but 241 patients continue to receive medical care because of the disease, including four in serious condition. The number of recovered in China is 80,736.

Finally, 321 people who have maintained close contact with infected people have concluded their period of medical observation this day, although there are still 8,912 under medical observation.



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