The Concacaf League has been the protagonist of the longest penalty shoot-out in international competitions, in an exciting duel between the FC Motagua and Comunicaciones FC, where after the tie at two during regulation time, the locals had to score up to 15 maximum penalties to unbalance the scoreboard.

Thus, the local team got qualify for the round of 16 of the Concacaf League, the Champions League of the Central American Federation, beating the historical record for the longest penalty shoot-out in international competition, with a total of 36 shots.

Galindo, of the visiting team, failed in the first instance on the second pitch, but the contest was equalized after the failure of Kevin López. After the mistake of Juan Pablo Montes and Motagua, Gerardo Gordillo, from Communications, could have finished the batch, but ended up wasting the occasion.

After eighteen penalties in a row scored, both teams failed again on their 17th shots. However, in the next turn, Kevin Grivalja could not respond to Motagua’s hit and ended giving victory to the Hondurans.