Honda: Verstappen power supply may be saved after a crash

Red Bull believes that Max Verstappen has had his RB16B completely destroyed by the British Grand Prix crash. Although Honda, the engine supplier, initially believed the same about the power source. However, the damage may have been less than anticipated.

Before the British Grand Prix, there was Max VerstappenThere were only three kilometers left to go. The pole sitter was forced to defend against Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone in the first period. Hamilton had come into contact with him at Copse Corner. The Red Bull RacingThe collision caused the driver to land hard on the tire stacks. Verstappen suffered 51g of damage, which required him to carry 51 times his body weight. The RB16B stopped and Verstappen experienced his worst crash in his entire career.

Verstappen’s right-side car was destroyed by the impact. Red Bull is concerned that the chassis may not be usable. However, there are also concerns regarding the power source. Toyoharu Tannabe, Honda technical director said that it appears to have suffered less damage than was expected. “When I saw the images of the car being lifted, I thought there was a lot of damage. In reality, however, the damage seems to be much less than what we originally thought. The engine’s appearance when it is mounted in the car does not indicate the extent of the damage. We would like to return the bike to HRD in Sakura for checks before making a decision.”

There is still hope that the bike will survive the Silverstone crash. Tanabe couldn’t answer questions regarding the impact of a 51G crash on the power supply. “I don’t really know because the damage is variable and depends on where you crash.”

Red Bull will make every effort to ensure there is no permanent damage of the engine block or other components. One driver can use no more than three copies per season of any of the various engine parts. A season may only allow two copies of the Energy Store and Control Electronics. Verstappen may have to use his final power source for the year, Hungary, in case Verstappen’s power unit is damaged during the impact. The grid penalty would be applied to Verstappen at the next engine change. This could affect his chances of winning the fight for the world title.

Video: In the F1 latest update, the crash is detailed.


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