In the second highest league match in the United States between San Diego Loyal and Phoenix Rising, a nasty situation happened.

Rising player Junior Flemmings barked at Loyal Collin Martinia with homophobic comment. Martin has openly said he is gay.

The referee of the match first showed Martin a red card as he did not understand the word Flemmings used as it was a different language but heard Martin and the other Loyal players use the word gay.

However, Martin’s red card was withdrawn after Loyal’s players and team’s head coach Landon Donovan explained to the referee what really happened.

However, this was not the case. Rising’s head coach Rick Schantz appealed to Donovan not to make the issue too high. At the same time, the Loyal player walked angrily to Schantz and told what his player had said on the field.

– What the hell is his problem, Schantz wondered the Loyal player.

– How long did you play? This is just football, Schantz told Donovan.

Donovan, one of the absolute legends of U.S. football, didn’t like this, but loaded into the counterball. The Loyal player had just faced racism in last week’s match.

– Rick, you’re better than this. This is not here, we need to get this kind of out of football.

– It has nothing to do with racism, Schantz tried to defend himself.

The duel’s discussion continued to be heated.

– It’s not racism, they barked at him gay. It’s homophobia, Donovan said.

After this, Donovan spun away in frustration for a moment.

– I can’t go through this shit again, Donovan said.

Schantz continued his conversation with the referee, who clarified the events for him. Donovan finally came to announce that if Flemmings does not receive a red card, his team will suspend the match.

-Racism and homophobia have no place in our sport.

Donovan said after the match that he had told Schantz that if he didn’t take Flemmings into substitution, Loyal would not continue the match. Schantz told Donovan he wasn’t going to do it. In the end, Donovan and his team decided not to continue the match.

The Loyals led the match 3 to 1 when the match was abandoned. Loyal fights fiercely for the playoffs.

It’s raining for Donovan

After the match, Martin posted a statement on his Twitter account about what happened.

– This is not the first time I have heard a homophobic comment. However, this was the first time in my eight-year career that it was targeted directly at me, he wrote.

Martin also revealed that Flemmings had later tried to spin his message on the field and denied using that word. He knew about Martin’s “situation”.

– Why did he say that insult if he knows I’m gay?

Martin thanked his teammates, coaches and the entire organization for their response to what happened. Megan Rapinoe also thanked Donovan and the Loyal team.

– That’s how it’s faced. Do you notice anything? Say it. Point. We need more such energy! I am very proud and I greatly appreciate Donovan and produce follows Rapinoe wrote in a Twitter account.