Homesickness is more common in adults than it is in children.

The world is slowly opening again. It is the ideal time to pack your bags and head off on vacation. It is something you look forward to, but you feel a deep longing for your home once you arrive. What can you do? “Take an acetaminophen.”

It is not possible to estimate the number of people who are homesick in the Netherlands. No one can measure it. It is not just children who are affected by homesickness. It can also affect adults. Ad Vingerhoets is an Ad Vingerhoets professor of emotions and well being at Tilburg University. It is also a huge misconception that homesickness only affects kids.

We quickly label it homesick if a child is left alone with grandma or grandpa while he cries for his family. What happens if mom or dad go to grandma or grandpa too? We can then talk about separation anxiety once the problem is resolved. This is not about homesickness.

Homesickness can be caused by a lack of a trusted home.

What exactly is homesickness? Vingerhoets states that it is a complete lack of familiar surroundings. Then, we are really talking about missing a physical location. Your house, your village. Finger Hoet describes homesickness as a form of reactive depression. This is when you feel heartbreak or mourning for a loved one.

“A dog attaches itself to its master, but a cat finds its way back home. Now that is homesickness.”

Ad Vingerhoets – Professor of emotions and well being

“A psychiatrist once distinguished between cat and dog homesickness. Dogs attach to their owners. The dog moves along with its owner when he moves. A cat, however, finds its way back home to the old house. That is called homesickness.

Miranda van Tilburg, a homesickness specialist, spoke earlier about this. NU.nlDog homesickness is a condition that causes people to miss their beloved dogs. A woman who is very close to her family while on a business trip can’t suffer from homesickness while on vacation with her husband or children. People attach more to their environment in cases of cat homesickness. This form of homesickness can be more difficult because you can’t take your house or hometown with you.

Some complaints include high fever or other symptoms.

Vingerhoets states that homesickness can be accompanied by many symptoms, such as sadness and depression. However, it can also cause physical problems such as difficulty eating, sleeping difficulties, and high fever. Other people can become listless and obsessive about their home. They believe that home is the best place in the world.

“No one sees it, but you yourself are really broken inside.”

Joris Van Casteren, expert in experience

Joris Van Casteren, writer and experience expert, describes it as a kind of bubble. It is actually a type of membrane. He says, “Actually it is a kind of membrane. But nobody sees you.” Homesickness. “All reality is sinister when you stand outside it.”

Paracetamol is a good option.

Homesickness can be treated by returning home. It is a serious problem. One person I spoke to said that they have to go to the tower every day to avoid it happening. However, it is often not so bad for children as long as they have their parents. Adults may be more susceptible to homesickness. Vingerhoets agrees.

“I was approached once by a woman who was very homesick. The woman wanted to spend three weeks in Norway, but her husband was too homesick to last three days. I advised him to take the maximum amount of paracetamol. He was able to last the whole vacation.”

Vingerhoets used a paracetamol study from the United States to develop his method. Paracetamol was less harmful to heartbreak students than those who did not take it. “Physical pain can overlap greatly with psychological pain. A paracetamol can be a good option. You can also use distraction to help you get rid of homesickness and bring home familiar items that you love.



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