Recently, Apple presented his new HomePod mini, an intelligent speaker that comes to compete with other virtual assistants already on the market.

HomePod mini boasts a design compact and stylish, and a surface touch to control the volume, which also lights up as soon as the Siri to execute an order.

This new version of the smart speaker lands in Mexico, but it will not be the only country where it will go on sale, but it will also arrive in Taiwan. Thus, users will have the opportunity to order the cheapest version of HomePod in its two finishes: black and white.

Apple One, the subscription that unifies Apple services, has arrived in Mexico

Where to find the Apple HomePod mini?

The HomePod mini reproduces sound at surprising quality for its size. At just 3 inches, it promises to fill every corner of your home with 360-degree surround sound.

In accordance with Apple, this small device reproduces all the nuances and is capable of listening to music at maximum volume with the help of Siri, who is ready to understand all the commands without having to lower the intensity.

The HomePod mini It has an elegant design covered by a seamless fabric mesh that allows sound to pass through without interference.

Now, if you want to enjoy a superior music experience, you can configure a stereo pair by linking two HomePod mini In the same room. The left and right channels create a very immersive sound.

The current demand is high so there may be delays in deliveries. Currently, in official stores, the delivery date is around the end of December and the beginning of next year 2021.

One of the newest features of the new HomePod mini, is the intercom section. Thanks to this, we can place several loudspeakers in different rooms of our house to notify the rest of the family when, for example, dinner is ready.

Apple’s HomePod already speaks Spanish, and will arrive in Mexico with this price

The best of all is that you can already buy it in the Apple official page at an affordable price of $ 2,599.00 MXN.