The Turku Court of Appeal mitigated the hockey player Jori Lehterän conviction for a drug offense.

The Court of Appeal ordered Lehterä to pay a 15-day fine of EUR 11,715 on Lehterä’s income. In addition, a hockey player was fined 40 euros.

In March 2019, the Pirkanmaa District Court sentenced Lehterä to four months’ probation for a drug offense. Lehterä appealed against the verdict he received.

According to the district court, Lehterä acquired and possessed six grams of a very dangerous drug (cocaine) and tried to buy one gram of the same drug.

According to the Court of Appeal, there was evidence of Lehterä’s intention to buy a gram of cocaine. Instead, there was not enough evidence of possession of six grams, so it was decided to dismiss the charge of the drug offense.

– The mitigating basis for the sentence must be the exceptional publicity given to Mr Lehterä as a result of the case and its effects on his career, work and personal finances, the request submitted by Mr Lehterä states.

Lehterä has been silent about the research for the media. He briefly commented on the case to The Philadelphia Inquirer earlier this year.

– I have not done anything wrong. I’m going to clear my name. I commented when the whole case was packaged, Lehterä announced.