History of a disaster: explode the thread in the Ascent tournaments

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Almost eight months after the start of the stoppage due to the pandemic, the leaders continue to negotiate in AFA to have a format. The transcended are burning and the negotiations below the table are intense and do not stop.

There is a world outside the Professional Football League in which there is also a struggle of interests. It is the thread of the Ascent. This Friday, after a meeting between the presidents of all categories, the format of the First National, B, C, D and Federal A tournaments would be resolved. Claudio Tapia, president of the AFA, and Pablo Toviggino, executive secretary of the presidency and head of the Federal Council. And the start of the Second Division could even be postponed for a week: it was scheduled for November 21 and would begin on November 28. The fixtures would only be known on Wednesday.

The biggest controversy will be in the First National. Tapia decided to end the 2019/2020 season, canceled the relegations and left the door open for promotions to be defined on the pitch.

San Martín de Tucumán, leader of Zone 2 with 44 points, went to the TAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport, according to its acronym in English) dissatisfied. Your president, Roberto Sagra, He started a media war with his peer from Viamonte. In the end, he lost the battle in Lausanna: the sports justice rejected his request to go up to First. And the merit would no longer have weight in the new championship format that was disseminated until now – although there is no certainty of which will be the one that will finally be applied.

Although there were 9 dates left for the end of the regular phase, Tapia entrusted a commission of leaders, headed by Marcelo Achile, president of the category and vice of AFA, who will put together a tournament from scratch. However, it transpired that they will be Chiqui and Toviggino who end up lowering the hammer.

In the last hours, the following format was revealed, which has no official confirmation:

How would the locations be defined, taking into account that there is no round trip? The best location would be considered. For example, the tucumanos could play 4 home games and 3 away games. Also Atlanta, leader of Zone 1.

Chiqui I wanted to see what impact it had, ”they told Clarion from Viamonte after the leak of the scheme. That it was whimsical, of course. Will it be the final one? Nobody assures it. “It will be similar to the one that circulated,” a person who used to walk the corridors of the home of the ball confided to this medium and has influence on the virtual kitchen.

It is clear that this format would harm those teams that were at the top. The people of Tucumán are convinced that this decision, if taken, would have the objective of favoring Tigre and Central Tents, the teams of Sergio Massa – head of the Chamber of Deputies – and Tapia – his son, Matías, is president of the club. Its president, Roberto Sagra, mutters under his breath.

“We cannot show cracks at this time”, Achile affirmed for his part. Defensores de Belgrano was second, behind San Martín, with 41 points. The change of scenery would leave it in the same conditions as the rest. Until now, his loyalty to the cause weighed more.

Anyway, you have to wait until Friday. A new rumor that emerged, about the possibility of four promotions, was practically ruled out by the AFA. “It’s crazy that I don’t think it could happen,” they slipped.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Grecco, president of Atlanta, fired thick ammunition at the club’s membership assembly: “We have a standing club and we are fighting for promotion. The same people who are insulting today are those who wanted to go to bingo in Switzerland, those who made a media raid based on complaints and then made a gentlemen’s agreement in AFA and left. And today they insult us. That way it is finished and ours remains, that of work and that way we are going to take the club to the First Division “.

What was he referring to? Sagra, who questioned him publicly? Judge Miguel Licht, who faced the AFA and defended the position of fighting for promotion in Switzerland? To Tapia, who ended up apologizing for the complaint that Toviggino made as a result of the tweets that spread the San Martín de Tucumán march?

The championship that had been raised with the promotion without playing of Almirante Brown, champion of the Apertura B tournament, was rejected by Tapia, who does not want prizes via the desk.

“Nobody failed me, I failed myself thinking that everyone had the same loyalty”, published Maximiliano Levy, president of Isidro Casanova’s club, in an inflammatory message on his account Twitter. Was it a message for Chiqui?

In C and D, Cañuelas and Liniers They were champions of the Apertura, but they would have the same fate as Almirante Brown. The leaders await coordinates from the AFA that, for now, is handled between WhatsApp messages to pure thread, silence in the media and a lot of uncertainty.



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