‘Historically few illegal films and series after rolling up the download gang’

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In the past week, there have been far fewer illegal downloads for movies, series, games, music and e-books, after the piracy group SPARKS has been shut down. This is evident from an analysis of Torrent Freak.

Games and e-books

Several members of SPARKS were arrested at the end of August during international police operations. The group had been illegally distributing various media on the Internet for many years, including popular movies and television series.

Never before has so little media been distributed illegally as since the arrests, he said Torrent Freak. The website specializes in reporting on illegal downloads.

Just before the arrests, 1,944 new files could be found in a week. A day after the arrests, there were only 168.

The impact would be especially noticeable with games and e-books, of which nothing appeared online in the days after the police action.

Many other download groups depended on the files distributed by SPARKS, so they too did not make anything available to users.

Normally, the number of illegal downloads does not decrease much after a police action against a group, because smaller internet pirates jump into the hole left behind.

It is rare for a group as large as SPARKS to be rolled up.



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