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Conmebol modified designations due to the cases of coronavirus of the Brazilians who were to lead Racing-Nacional.

The four Brazilian referees who were going to lead Racing-Nacional this Thursday they tested positive of Covid-19. For that reason, Conmebol had to replace them and there will be two Argentine judges in the Cilindro de Avellaneda, for the Copa Libertadores.

The situation forced movements in Defense and Justice-Delfín, an unprecedented situation. Although it will not be the only one: Mariana de Almeida and Daniela Milone will act as number 2 assistants. Never before had a woman participated in a Libertadores party.

Anderson Daronco, Fabricio Vilarinho, Rafael Alves and Bruno Arleu, who had been quarantining in Argentina since August 30, were checked and the result left them out of the duel between Argentines and Uruguayans.

The Referees Commission castling: Cristián Vargas, who was going to be 2nd assistant in Defense and Justice-Delfín, will be the main referee in Racing-Nacional. His compatriot Christian Schiemann, who was to be the fourth judge in Florencio Varela, will be assistant 1. De Almeida will join as line and Fernando Echenique, as fourth official.

Meanwhile, Milone, daughter of former assistant judge Luis, will accompany Chileans Roberto Tobar and Claudio Ríos in the Defense and Justice party, while the fourth referee will be another Argentine: Nicolás Lamolina.

This situation was contemplated in the Conmebol protocol and was the last resort: that referees from the same country should direct teams from their own leagues. What happened with the Brazilians forced them to make this decision.


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