Historical repair: a few months after his death, the complete work of Manolo Juárez reaches the digital universe

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After a recovery and compilation work carried out by the artist and his daughter, the catalog includes folklore, tango, chamber music and symphony.

The complete work of the pianist, performer and composer Manolo Juarez It is launched in digital form and will be available from next November 6. Is about 13 discos remastered and compiled by Manolo with his daughter Mora, which now come to light together as a catalog through the label The Orchard.

This work of an “archaeological-musical” nature covers more than 50 years of production of a vast and varied work of who was a founding member of the Avellaneda School of Popular Music, the first popular music school in Latin America.

The brand new corpus it includes “folklore, tangos, chamber, symphonic and instrument works”, which reflects the avant-garde and eclectic spirit of who, without a doubt, was a fundamental gear of Argentine culture. Disks of the Trio Juárez, of Juárez-Vitale, Juárez-Homer, a live concert at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, solo piano or quartet, are just some of the pearls that this collection includes that, according to the promoters of the movement, “It is a trip to an important part of the history of Argentine popular music of the 20th century, as well as to the depths of music itself.”

The work of the great pianist, performer and composer will be released, for the first time, fully assembled. From dhe November 6th It will be on all digital platforms and on your website: www.manolojuarez.com

Last July, the teacher Juárez died at the Favaloro Foundation, where he was hospitalized with a coronavirus picture and various health problems. He was 83 years old.

According to Mora Juárez, his daughter, “Dad left a great mark on the culture of our country, a legacy that is happily beginning to materialize.” The beginning of the task of collecting the material was back in 2012, the rights began to be recovered record labels of his extensive work. “We had the objective that one day his music would be heard again, since many albums were out of print,” Mora said.

In 2013, the technician Gustavo Segal worked with the material and then, Manolo himself curated his work for two years together with the engineer Mario Breuer for masterizarlo all. It was at this time that the idea of ​​a Manolo Juárez in the digital world. In the middle of the process, back in 2014, news came from Japan that they had just released their first four LP. Those Japanese editions generated new momentum.

In the 2015 a tribute was added with the edition of CD Anthology 1 and this served to continue thinking and have some of the music of those LPs.

“Between personal jobs and everyday life –follow Mora-, I was rebuilding information and conversing with referents of the environment and, in some way, dimensioning the work that was to reconstruct the work of my father, due to its vast popular and classical production, something that at this time I was able to verify “.

For her daughter, this setting made her (re) discover her father’s work. “Seeing it like this through documents was very important. I understood the importance of a catalog. And I think: an artist and a teacher is the one who leaves a mark, a legacy. The work of an artist is a work in time. And my old man is forever”.



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