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Historical: Rentistas achieved his first title in Uruguayan soccer


The humble team was consecrated in the Apertura Tournament, by defeating the powerful Nacional 1-0 at the Centenario Stadium.

David against Goliath. The humble against the mighty. Custom versus feat. This is how the definition of the exciting was summarized Opening Tournament Uruguayan, in a hand in hand between Nacional and Rentistas, two conspicuously different sized teams. And the glorious triumph by 1 to 0 it was for Rentistas, who got the first title in its history.

Not even the most fervent fan of the surprising Rentistas, an old but small team that rose to the First Division this year, would have thought that they would reach a final against a historic Uruguayan soccer team like Nacional to define a title.

However, this humble team dreamed awake and after 15 days they stayed with the first place in the classification together with the tricolores, so they faced each other in a single match at the Centenario Stadium.

The same rivals had already been measured on the same stage on the first date of the competition, back in February -when the Covid-19 had not yet arrived in Uruguay-, with a 2-0 win for Rentistas.

On the last date disputed this Sunday, both Rentistas and Nacional equalized their matches 1-1 and in this way the two suspended the option of winning the cup at the end of the day.

The game ended 0-0 in the regulation 90 minutes, but two minutes into the first extra time, Gonzalo vega He spliced ​​a spectacular right hand to beat Nacional’s fence.

History saved a place for the feat of the ‘red bug’. “Together we go x +”, wrote the coach of Rentistas, Alexander Capuccio, on his Twitter account to cheer on his players and fans before the final on Wednesday.

It was not going to be easy, because in front was a heavyweight, award-winning and with experience in this type of situation, such as the Nacional led by Gustavo Munúa.

Nacional trusted in his history, in the weight of his shirt and in a lethal scorer like the Argentine Gonzalo bergessio -the top scorer of the tournament, with 12 goals- to win this title that would only mean a small award that allows him to have a place in the definition of the Uruguayan Championship. But it could not be.

Rentistas made big history in Uruguayan soccer. A feat that will leave its mark and will seek to cling to that hunger for glory to seal the surprise. The sport gave another example that David and Goliath can face each other and everything is defined on the court. Let Rentistas say so. Let me celebrate …



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