His little daughter is dying

Severe stroke of fate for TV doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer and his wife: Your seven-month-old daughter suffers from an incurable brain tumor. In the interview he talks about everyday life and the uncertain time that remains.

It’s hard to imagine what Dr. Johannes Wimmer, 37, and his wife have to go through. The new parents should really enjoy the first few months after the birth of their daughter to the fullest. Instead, they have to fear for Maximilia’s life. In the “NDR Talkshow” the 37-year-old spoke about the difficult situation of his family.

Dr. Johannes Wimmer about everyday life with his sick daughter

Dr. Johannes Wimmer and his wife have decided to take care of Maximilia at home. For a last bit of normalcy, the couple takes care of their daughter, where she is accompanied by a palliative care team and physiotherapists. “The first medication is at 7:30 am, the last at 3 am. Sometimes there are six or seven people there a day who bring medication or the like,” explains Wimmer. However, the fate of his little daughter is sealed.

“It is not foreseeable whether it will be months or a year. We know that the way is finite”

Dr. Johannes Wimmer: Shock diagnosis of a brain tumor for his daughter

In August, the TV doctor and his wife received a terrible diagnosis: their baby has a rare, aggressive brain tumor. According to BILD, the chance of recovery is only 15 percent. “After five months of lightness with our sunshine, we spent the hottest weeks of summer shivering in the intensive care unit and in oncology,” reports Dr. Johannes Wimmer of the newspaper.

Maximilia is cared for at home

However, it is now bitter certainty that Maximilia will lose the fight against the tumor. The girl is given 15 injections a day via a feeding tube. “After many long weeks there is now a path of sad certainty ahead of us. This path is also a journey in which we can have Maximilia close to us,” writes the general practitioner about a heartbreaking picture of himself and his daughter on his Instagram profile . It shows the girl with a tube in her nose asleep on her father’s chest.

How long the journey of little Maximilia will last, the doctors cannot give precise information. “So we first chose Mars as a travel destination for our little astronaut, which takes a few months”, so the young father’s touching lines.

Dr. Johannes Wimmer wants to encourage others

He explains to “Bild”: “The bond with the child grows stronger every day, and yet we know: It will soon be over. After all the conversations with doctors and therapists, we will now also have to talk to undertakers.”

The diagnosis tore the ground from under their feet at the time, so he now wants to encourage other families and help them overcome their grief. He wants to “go where it hurts” and support the organization “Ein Herz für Kinder” as a doctor and ambassador worldwide.

Source used: Bild.de


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